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    Corporate Planning

    Three-year Plan
    1. Committed to brand building, enlarging industry scope, and achieving an average annual increase of 50% in output value and profit and a year-on-year growth of employees’ income.
    2. Develop service industry by setting food in hotel first.
    3. Step in the real estate industry, complete at least one project and start one to two projects.
    4. Achieve output value of 300 million to 400 million yuan in the last year.
    Five-Year Plan
    1. Achieve sustainable and stable development in the machinery industry, become the industry backbone at least and reach the scale with an annual output value of 400 million to 500 million yuan.
    2. Turn the real estate industry as the company’s main business.
    3. Achieve chain scale in the service industry.
    4. Develop one to two types of new business.
    5. Build Jianling Industrial Park.
    6. Build Jianling Residential Area.
    Ten-Year Plan
    1. Some sections of the company will be listed in market.
    2. Reduce some projects and focus on two kinds of business, at most three.
    3. Build Jianling Theme Cultural Park.
    4. Establish a charity institution and devote 20% t0 30% of our profits into the love career.