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    Personnel Policy

    Shandong Jianling Machinery Co., Ltd., is a collection research and development, manufacturing and sales as one of the joint-stock enterprises. Built on the run all rivers run into sea mind, good rich treatment, as well as the development of the broad space for the sage who provide more to show themselves, realize their chance. Build run invite talents to join in, altogether casts a brilliant career!

    Human resources planning
    To assess the current situation of human resource, according to the company's development strategy, goal and task and use the scientific method to future human resources supply and demand forecast, formulate balance supply and demand of human resources policies and measures.

    In the system of market economy, the human resources of the socialization process more and more high, so in a rapid development period effective use of social resources, rely on external labor market, give full play to the market mechanism in the allocation of human resources in the role of human resource allocation, to the optimal effect.

    Training and development
    Jianling attach great importance to human capital of continuous appreciation, provide rich, personalized training and learning opportunities to help employees in their professional field grow.
    As the saying goes: it takes ten years grow trees, but one hundred to rear people. Cultivating talents is built run a long-term strategic task.
    In the selection and use of talent, not only value diploma, it not only talent ability is for; And in the enterprise internal actively to discover and cultivate talents. Insist on talent development system, pay attention to the development and training, combining pertinently do all kinds of talents.

    Compensation and benefits
    The company has established position title system corresponding salary system, every year to entrust the third party to salary survey company market salary survey, and based on which the salary adjustment, to ensure that in the industry competitive salary.

    Performance management
    Through the scientific and reasonable organization goals, departmental goals and personal goal, for the enterprise staffs to indicate the direction, and constantly improve our every employee's work efficiency and enthusiasm.

    Employee relations
    Recognition is the fundamentality of implementation of talent strategy, Jianling take various effective measures to keep the talents success and reduce wastage rate, make the talents inflow and outflow to keep a reasonable and scientific level.