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    Chairman Xin Chun’s speech

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    Chairman Xin Chun’s speech
    The horse is galloping, the busy and fulfilling 2013 has become a thing of the past, and we will usher in a new year! In this beautiful moment of resigning the old and welcoming the new, we would like to extend our most sincere New Year greetings to all the staff who have worked hard for the company's development in the past year! To the customers and friends who have been caring, helping and supporting the company's development, we wish you a happy New Year!
    In the past year, Jianling Company has faced various challenges and difficulties, and it has achieved good results with the joint efforts of all of us. In 2013, the head office invested and incorporated new shareholders and established the brother company Jinan Jianling Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. of Shandong Jianling Machinery Co., Ltd. Through the joint efforts of the employees, the company has made good progress and achieved good results. Successive head office set up the Ministry of Foreign Trade, the Ministry of Foreign Trade was established shortly, and it has achieved amazing results, one after another. The company's development has taken another big step. Our Jianling products not only went to the whole country, but also took the country and went to the world. These achievements are condensed by the hard work and wisdom of every Jianling person, and cannot be separated from everyone's joint efforts.
    In 2014, the head office will continue to improve the work of garden companies, external processing projects, and the Ministry of Foreign Trade, and continue to recruit new talents. Jin Ge Tie Ma Wen Zheng drums, only to fight for the new journey. I am convinced that under the unremitting efforts of Jianling people, in the future journey, we will be full of vitality and full of return. Let us take a more vigorous and uplifting spirit, a more pragmatic work style, more passionate fighting spirit, and constantly create new glory! Make greater contributions to the company's leap-forward development!
             I wish all of you friends a happy New Year, a happy family, good health, good luck, and a good year!
                                                                              Chairman of Shandong Jianling Machinery Co., Ltd. Sun Mingbo
                                                                                                 January 31, 2014
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