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    Safe production month

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    Every June, a “Safe Production Month” event was launched in China. The “banners”, slogans and propaganda paintings were all over the sky. On the street, the government departments related to safety production also set up tables and chairs. Free distribution of safety-related books to promote safety-related common sense issues. But once this month has passed, everything has been restored to the past, the factory is still producing, the machinery is still spinning, the workers are still working, and accidents have occurred frequently. . . . . . It is true that safe production and education are the first. Only when consciousness rises, can there be action. After all, thought is a guide to action.
    However, if the safe production month is to be done as a sport, then the hard work of this month will ultimately have little effect. Why do you say that? Because the factors of insecurity are always accompanied by our daily life and work, as long as we do not foresee the existence of risk factors, there is always the possibility of an accident. "Safety comes from long-term vigilance. The accident comes from instant paralysis." This is the truth.
    In response to the call of Gu Yunhu Sub-district Office, all employees of the company actively carried out the “Safe Production Month” and vigorously promoted the importance of safety, with particular emphasis on “we carry out the safety production month activities, don’t forget to carry out the original intention of this activity. The safe production month is carried out as a sport. To be practical, it must be tangible."
    To this end, the company has made three banners in the factory department, “Safety is the responsibility of life is more important than Taishan”, “seriously publicize and implement the “Safe Production Law””, “Strengthen the safety publicity and education to raise the awareness of national security”.
    Start Safety Month Through activities such as analysis of typical accidents and accident cases around the company, enhance the self-prevention awareness and independent security capabilities of enterprises, take effective measures to prevent similar accidents, and resolutely curb major accidents.
    Safe development, Guotai Min'an, we must be safe every month, every day is safe, always safe. “Going happily to work, coming home safely” is how many families care about their loved ones. Therefore, we must regard the safety production month as part of our daily safety production activities. Safe production months should be a microcosm of our daily safe production. Only in this way can the concept of safe production be instilled in everyone's mind, and safe production activities can be integrated into everyone's daily life and work.
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