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    Love is passing-----Sun’s participation in the Wulian Yizhong Jinan Alumni Association

    Corporate News
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    In order to broadly unite and continuously gather the power of alumni, at 10:30 on May 27, the Wulian Yizhong Jinan Alumni Association was successfully held. Mr. Sun Mingbo, the chairman of the 83rd alumni of the company, attended the meeting and gave a speech on behalf of Wulian Yizhong Jinan alumni. He sent alumni congratulations on the establishment of the alumni association and blessings to his alma mater. Finally, he gave a gift of 60,000 yuan to his alma mater. The donation of love has contributed to the development of the alma mater, adding a brilliance to the 60th anniversary of the alma mater.
    Zhao Yingfang, director of the deputy magistrate's office of Wulian County People's Government, Yan Jibin, director of Wulian County Education Bureau, Li Mingqi, president of Yingshanhong Association, Liu Xiangyuan, director of the Geological Survey Department of Shandong Provincial Department of Land and Resources, and Liu Jinxian, president of Wulian No. 1 Middle School, attended the meeting. Speech, a number of honorary alumni attended the meeting.
    On the occasion of Wulianyizhong's upcoming 60th birthday, the establishment of the alumni association evokes the alumni's strong alma mater and friendship. One generation from generation to generation remembers this unforgettable day.