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    Construction machinery has huge growth potential in foreign markets

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    In the first year of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", China's construction machinery enterprises continued to advance toward the goal of 900 billion yuan. Xugong, Sany, Zoomlion, Liugong, Shandong Heavy Industry and other enterprises have raised their sales targets by 100 billion yuan. The pattern of industrial concentration and enterprise scale in China's construction machinery industry has begun to appear. At the same time, the outstanding features such as intensive technology, high added value, large growth space and strong driving action are more prominent. With the successive launch of domestic enterprises representing products of internationally leading technology level, the position of China's construction machinery industry in the world has undergone tremendous changes, and the demand for products from various countries has been increasing.
    The domestic market situation is good
    From January to April 2011, the cumulative sales of loaders, bulldozers, truck cranes and excavators were 99109, 6599, 16941 and 100927, respectively, up 26.20%, 43.60%, 36.40% and 47.40%. From the industry income analysis, from January to April 2001, the industry achieved a main income of 144.05 billion yuan, an increase of 51.8%. The industry generally believes that construction machinery will remain at a high level overall growth this year, but the growth rate will tend to be stable.
    Senior analysts of China Construction Machinery Business Network said that although it was the traditional off-season after April, many construction machinery companies expressed their confidence in the market. During the off-season, enterprises are taking the time to cultivate internal strength in order to improve product quality and enhance brand. With the promotion of the construction of water conservancy and hydropower during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the construction of nuclear power and wind power will also become the main force in the domestic demand market of China's construction machinery. In addition, China's railways, highways and some housing construction have also directly stimulated the development of China's construction machinery market. During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, the state will invest 10 trillion yuan in transportation, which can stimulate China. Sensitive nerves of construction machinery.
    Great growth potential abroad
    From January to April 2011, China's construction machinery import and export trade volume was 7.797 billion US dollars, an increase of 50.1% over the previous year. The import value was 3.69 billion US dollars, up 46.5% over the previous year; the export value was 4.2 billion US dollars, up 53.3% over the previous year, and the trade surplus was 510 million US dollars, a significant increase from the previous month. Among them, the cumulative export of complete machines was 2.71 billion US dollars, up 52.5% over the previous year, accounting for 64.5% of total exports; parts and components exports were 1.49 billion US dollars, accounting for 35.5% of total exports, up 54.8% over the previous year. The cumulative export growth in February, March and April was 37.4%, 50.9% and 59.3%, respectively.
    Senior analysts of China Construction Machinery Business Network said that as international giants continue to realize the localization of the Chinese market, the operations of domestic enterprises also need to go hand in hand, and seek common development at home and abroad. Especially with the continuous recovery of foreign economies in the near future, many foreign companies have begun to pay attention to countries with relatively developed development of engineering machinery such as the United States. China's construction machinery enterprises should also seize the opportunity to actively participate in the international market while consolidating the domestic market. In the competition. In the overseas expansion of the company, it is not uncommon to learn from the experience of successful companies. Whether it is overseas mergers and acquisitions, equity participation or new construction, there are two purposes: to achieve regional expansion and establish an international brand, and also to establish a corporate reputation, like In the early acquisition of Italian concrete merchants by Zoomlion, the case of becoming the boss of concrete machinery was the best proof of the latter. In overseas expansion, cultural integration and product adaptation are two key factors for business success.
    During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, it is a golden period for the development of China's construction machinery enterprises. Whether it can consolidate the domestic market and open up overseas markets, the key lies in the adjustment of culture and products. Especially in foreign markets, cultural differences are the key to the success of overseas expansion. China's construction machinery must be large and strong, and must be repaired both inside and outside. While improving product quality, we must not forget the construction of culture, and truly "both hands and hard hands"!